Simply Syrups are easy to use and can be used in hot and cold drinks. Use as coffee syrups, flavour frappes, add to cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes and more! 1 litre plastic bottle.

Our most popular flavours are: Vanilla, Caramel and Hazelnut.

A variety of flavours are available for purchase, including sugar free varieties.

Simply Vanilla Flavoured Syrup 1L

A sweet combination of vanilla extract, pure sugar cane and vanilla extract. Described as a complex flavour profile, the rich, creamy taste of vanilla is warm and comforting. With slight hints of floral and fruity notes, the sweetness is not overpowering. The sweet, mellow flavour of vanilla perfectly complements the more bitter notes of a cup of coffee, and would also make a delicious addition to a freshly made hot chocolate.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Glycerine, Natural Flavouring, Salt, Preservative: E202, Acid: Citric acid

Simply Caramel Flavoured Syrup 1L

Caramel is a universally popular dessert component, made by melting down sugar to create a deliciously sweet, smoky substance. Simply Caramel flavouring has a rich and indulgent flavour that is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, a complex and indulgent flavour profile.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Glycerine, Flavouring, Salt, Colour: E150a, Preservative: E202, Acid: Citric acid

Simply Hazelnut Flavoured Syrup 1L

Indulge in the rich and decadent flavour of Simply Hazelnut Syrup, for a creamy, roasted nuttiness to your coffee or hot drink. This syrup is nut-free

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Glycerine, Flavouring, Salt, Colour E150a, Preservative E202, Acid; Citric acid.

The syrups are vegan friendly, gluten free, GMO free, alcohol free and made with no artificial colours and flavourings.

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