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The Buondi coffee brand was created by Montarroio Coffee Company in 1986 and was then bought by Nestlé in 1993. From then on this passionate and bold coffee brand has been roasted and packed at the Nestlé factory in S. Mamede Infesta, Porto, Portugal.

Buondi is synonymous with quality and style around the world and provides superb coffee. Its brand personality attracts people with a like-minded attitude towards life: fun, intense, vibrant, and social yet modern, relaxed, elegant and refined. Every cup of Buondi is an exceptional experience that awakens the senses and stirs a passion within people.

Best Gourmet Limited is the official distributor of Buondi Caffè across England since 2012.


Discover Our Wide Range of Wholesale Coffee Blends

We offer a wide range of high-quality wholesale coffee blends. Whether you’re looking for rich and bold espresso blends, smooth and creamy milk-based blends, or something a little bit different, we have the perfect coffee to suit your needs. Plus, we can help you select the right beans to match your unique establishment and clientele.

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